Case Study: Streamlining RFQ Processes for Electronics Manufacturing Companies

Save time and win more business with automated data validation.

Electronic manufacturing companies case study

In partnership with Orbweaver, KEMET Corporation saw a 1000-fold increase in efficiency from implementing Orbweaver's Connect and Advance solutions.

In this case study, you'll learn how Orbweaver, as KEMET's Global Intake Platform:

  • Helped centralize key component data from electronic manufacturing companies.
  • Automated RFQ and purchase order workflows.
  • Streamlined RFQ processes to drive strategic business results.


“KEMET was able to process 50 quotes, consisting of thousands of lines of data, representing roughly $5MM in value, in approximately 30 minutes, from the minute it touched the system to the customer response.”


Download the case study to discover how data validation for electronic manufacturers can go from hours to minutes with Orbweaver Connect and Advance.

Increase Your Purchasing Efficiency by 1000%