Download the Bill of Materials (BOM) Checklist

Bill of Materials Checklist

For electronics manufacturing professionals, tracking and managing thousands of parts throughout the assembly of a finished product is a daunting task.

A bill of materials (BOM) document is crucial to the electronics manufacturing industry and has a direct impact on available inventory, component purchasing, and internal processes.

An organized BOM helps professionals with many processes including how to centralize order-specific information, distribute those orders quickly, accurately prevent friction, and most importantly - help speed up the procurement process.

In this bill of materials checklist, manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors across the supply chain will learn how to:

  • Create and organize a complex BOM for electronic parts procurement
  • Correctly format a Bill of Materials including all necessary specifications
  • Confirm every necessary item is on the BOM to speed up the procurement process

Increase Efficiency and Speed to Market with an Organized Bill of Materials